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The web pages of the Entity allow the public a wider access to information about its initiatives, legal requirements and opportunities. agrave; concessions offered to enterprises.

The Entity directly handles the collection of information and updates of its services with the aim of providing updated and accurate information.

Nevertheless, in relation to the wide variety of sources used, internal and external to the Authority, and to the large number of pages available, it is worth bearing in mind that, over time, the information may lose its validity and reliability.It is therefore advisable to read, where present, the date of the last update published on the page consulted.

Asset Basilicata becomes available if errors are reported to correct them in a short time.

It is the responsibility of the Authority to minimize the dysfunctions attributable to technical problems but it cannot be guaranteed that the service will not be interrupted or that it is not otherwise influenced by problems.

The Entity disclaims any liability for any harmful consequences that may result to users from inadvertent inaccuracies or material errors present in the information.


also reserves the right to modify the contents of the site and of these notes, at any time, and without prior notice.

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