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PID - (Digital Business Point)

It is a project that also introduces in Italy a national strategy on the theme of the fourth industrial revolution after what started in the United States, Germany and many other countries European.The main objective of the project is, in fact, the establishment of “Digital Business Points” with the aim of promoting the transversality of digital, disseminating the “culture and the digital practice” in all sectors and sizes of enterprise, raising awareness about the possible solutions offered by the tool.

The Plan provides for 5 strategic guidelines of intervention, grouped into “key” guidelines (Innovative Investments and Skills), of “accompaniment” (infrastructure enabling and public support tools) and “horizontal” (governance and awareness), in which the project for the implementation of Digital Enterprise Points (PID) of the Trade.Within the framework of the project is also envisaged the involvement of the Special Companies for the provision of specialized services with a technological character or in any case related to the innovations that the companies intend to adopt in connection with digitization processes.It is also foreseen the provision of vouchers to companies based on a ranking drawn up in reference to the applications submitted.The staff of the Special Company will also be involved in the evaluation of the applications submitted.