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Growing in Digital

Growing in Digitale is an initiative of the National Agency for Active Labour Policies, implemented byUnioncamere in partnership withGoogle for promote, through the acquisition of digital skills, the employability of young people who do not study and do not work and invest in their skills to accompany companies in the world of Internet.

Google has long been committed to increasing the digital skills of European citizens: last February it announced its commitment to train, by 2017, two million users, through initiatives and ad hoc training programs, such as “Growing in digital” and “Made in Italy — Eccellenze in Digitale”.In particular, “Growing in digital” is aimed at young people enrolled in the Youth Guarantee program who can access, at no cost, the training course available on the platform training course consists of several stages: 50 hours of online training, workshops on the territory and more than 3,000 internships reimbursed with 500 euros per month in Italian companies.

Online training

50 hours of lessons, practical examples and case studies on all aspects of the Internet for businesses, available to all members ofYouth Guarantee.Through online training participants have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the digital ecosystem and learn how the web can be a valuable tool to support the growth and international visibility of companies.Leading figures like Vint Cerf, one of the founding fathers of the Internet and now Google's Chief Internet Evangelist, alternate with academics and industry professionals and the testimonies of some entrepreneurs of Made in Italy, pioneers in the use of the web, collected by Fondazione Symbola and Università Ca' Foscari.

Laboratories with Chambers of Commerce

After the online test, the selected young people will follow a specialized training and guidance activity in a group to arrive prepared for the internship in the company or be supported in the ; start your own business.Laboratories on the territory will be organized — coordinated by Unioncamere and the Chambers of Commerce system — and meetings with companies for training placements, also organized in collaboration with the world of trade associations.

After passing the online test, the laboratories are organized — according to the availability of traineeships offered by companies and the number of young people who, in different realities , have passed the test at the end of the training course — on a provincial and/or regional basis with the participation of 75 children.If the list of potential participants exceeds 75, a list will be prepared in descending order by score.For the same score, the following criteria will be applied:

  • seniority of enrollment for Youth Guarantee
  • seniority (the least young)
  • sex (female)