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Enterprise Europe Network Project - Bridg€Conomies Consortium 2019

The EEN network is the largest European network to support business and innovation, supported by the European Commission (DG Grow) to manage a wide range of activities. promotion, information, training and assistance to enterprises aimed at facilitating their access to European financing opportunities and facilitating the approach of SMEs to international markets and to support innovation and technology transfer.The activities of the EEN network at regional level are part of a work programme referred to the Consortium “Brigde€Conomies” that sees the involvement of prominent realities of the system Chamber of Commerce, business organizations, research centers and technological innovation companies and Universities of the Regions Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria, Campania, Sicily, Abruzzo and Molise.With urgent determination n.6 of 7 December 2018, the Chamber of Commerce of Basilicata has taken over Unioncamere Basilicata in all the consortium positions in the Consortium Bridg€Conomies _2 and project partners in the Enterprise Europe Network project for the year 2019.With the same determination, the Chamber envisaged that the management and implementation of the activities related to the project would be entrusted to the staff of Unioncamere Basilicata, merged into Asset Basilicata from May 1, 2019, against a fee equal to that recognized, in relation to the project, by the European Commission to the Chamber of Commerce of Basilicata for man-day services work according to European parameters.