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ASSET BASILICATA was founded after the rearrangment, the reform and the rationalization of the Chamber system, done in compliance with the regulations of D.Lgs no.° 219/2016 and subsequent Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of 16 February 2019, through the merger of the special companies Cesp and Forim, the transfer of Unioncamere Basilicata and the acquisition of the existing employment contracts with the incorporated companies and with Unioncamere Basilicata, at the operating offices located in Via Lucana 82 in Matera and in Corso XVIII Agosto 34 in Potenza.

At present, the company is providing jobs for 24 people indefinitely.


Dr. Vito Signati  - Direttore Operativo

Dr.ssa Chiara Cappiello

Dott. Franco Fucci

Arch. Daniela Marchese

Dott. Luigi Giorgiomarrano

Dott. Saverio Primavera

Dr.ssa Sandra Mileo

Dott. Cataldo Lacerra

Dott. Sergio Pizzichillo

Dott.ssa Catia D’Agrosa

Dott.ssa Adriana Coviello

Dott.ssa Gabriella De Novellis

Dott. Roberto Focaccia

Sig. Mario Intelligente

Dott.ssa Loredana Muoio

Geom. Maurizio Basile

Dott.ssa Maria Giuseppina De Filippis

Dott.ssa  Cristina Padula

Dott.ssa Bruna Corazza

Dott.ssa Marcella Conese

Dott. Vincenzo Bux

Sig. Francesco Triani

Rag. Rosaria Brienza

Sig.ra Giuseppina D’Ammacco